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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Infinite Monkeys v1.99 Now Available for Download

Hello All.

I have moved the Infinite Monkeys project over to SourceForge because of a terms of service change to Google Code. For some reason, they are not allowing new uploads to their site and seem to be discontinuing the service altogether as of January of next year.

There are several changes to report for the 1.99 release of Infinite Monkeys. Firstly bugs to the original n-gram algorithm have been dealth with. For those of you who don't know, the original algorithm was wired for randomness. The procedure selects at random two links from an n-gram object and then rolls their weights against one another to determine a winner. This algorithm was meant to work in a similar fashion to Civilization's battle algorithm which determines winners between units based on attack and defense variables.

The second algorithm is less random and thus the output is more repetitive. It selects from all possible links and rolls the individual weights of each link against the random number generator. You can give it a spin by trying #NG2[250] which will produce an output of 250 words via the second algorithm.


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