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Thursday, May 9, 2013


[1] Obelisk

the wind plays chimes
in a sickly weightless bath
the color red undresses the air
in the garden of gaslight
I am holding a match
imposters in aggressive poses
yearn to be filled hole
when the body of g0d died
in a black dress
on a cold day
washing over his lace

I ate his pubis & eyes
& remembered the signs
of its love
draped over a fogging

& maybe he could show me
how to use a chainsaw
or dig out eyes with a spoon

shadows, shades & spectres
populate the g0d_object
enumerated along those lines

we read our books backward
&unspeak the language
of our mother

[2] CaiNaBEL

I arm you with my strength
make war&love
for the disciples of Mahalalel
lay their headlights
at the face of
a deer

& neck sport pleasures
offer you their throats
to chew to destroy
those who hate me

it is I who avenge you. I who deliver your next. to a thirsty maw.
[3] Its Ugliness Transformed by Power

I want my monster back
blank as an empty cup
the morning sky dissolves
the futility of murder
when the ghost returns
tenfold in the morning sky
dissolves in my kitchen
sink & stained windows
pervert my view
hollowing masks
black whips
made of chain links
candied ricks to crack
your teeth on
wings which flicker
out of this world
& pale dead stars
pulsing with yesterday's

[4] Goodbye Father

black umbrella morphologies
drain this poem of energy
& cause all mirth to cease
& a play against a god
in a zero sum game
which wins (if and only if)
it loses

while the vultures eat idols
& weep over
the king of things
the fountain of the lord
becomes a volcano
in the mouth of rage

for you, a creature of clay
for me, a creature of dust
blacks out the sky

[5] The Unsullied

you drew me out of my tears
with a blast of breath
because with the merciful
you are merciful
& with the devious
you are shrewd
you teach my hands
to make war
so that my arm can bend
a row of men
an army of others
under my aegis
fade slowly, quietly away
from a love more terrible
than any hatred

[6] The Key

the compensations of a guilty conscience. turn & coil into the emptiness of a deleterious grin. psychotically dispassionate compartments. empty & go cold.

tangled in a clot of meaning
the spider passes into the web
that could possess
a dream of blood
& packaged apertures
as the world goes
to ashen gray
& reignites the flowers that
envelop an antique key

[7] Carrion Despair

the letters that are left
are fetters bereft of irony
stilted ciphers
puddles of pointers
sparkling clusters
& connections clotted
in a cloud of carrion birds
covering the noontime sun
from the moonlight
yet to come

I see echoes of your face
in barely audible whispers
I hear your voice
I see my reflection
in eyes suddenly
turning away
from me

the crisscross patterns
of my heart beat
are now a meal
for worms

& every tear I shed
every roar
every ejaculation of blood
resurrects your name

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