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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post-Modern Apocalypse

Part 1: The Transcendental Signifyer

godOgod notWhich in negative epiphany, I
the eyes (the i's) and those referred to by the word
shine throughout the dark, spotlights
that reveal a face
before which I
am faceless.

the eyes unburden the I's
unburden self-lacerating identities
unburden the alien and hostile nature
of its own attention.

object of its own subjection.
subject to its own objection.

take our wholeness and bite our perditions dimness derivativelike inversions need their hiding places our conterparts to coil (ridden toys) pray to their keeper's innocence to weep away the shadow's simplicities will nurture away the nature of its nurturings (oGod).

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