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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Urizen: Part IX: The Law [Final]

the product originated
in the element
of a vexed reduction.
a revolution of seven symphonies
each with seven symphonies
which revolved around them
unto infinity

the newtonianism
of seven gravities
collecting in a laugh
like an oscillating wave
or a heartbeat
which doubles and halves
like the radiance of a drop
of water.

the jaws of seven gods.
with three eyes
and two hearts
beat like sore red orbs
encased in names.
the spectre of an echoing
angle, arrangements
made against the same.

a factory originates in a landfill
the mouth of the devourer
then on into hell.

the law generates prisons
which encapsulate like nations
the world cracks like a map

time becomes a clock
every moment is numbered
the measure measures itself
and becomes is own projection

with an infinitessimal measure
everything becomes infinte

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