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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eris [Part 4: Survival]

Part IV: Survival

tend on their nurturers
nontypical torturers
what noose?

the burial is always covered.

to suffer rejections
like products
open to fashion and constructed
by the craft of a craft
they make as you fashion
your creations
creating the product
they will fashion
a fashion
out of created products
and fashion.

blushed in blood.

who hasn't opened a closed thing?
the sins of the beast are his blessings.
in this revelation
you preach before forgiving
you fuck through your teeth.
here come the throats again.
the contracting touch is fear.
but apathy can also seethe.
we cannot long for passion.
my very satisfaction will thirst.
devoured contortion
in things beheld swallowing
nobody's sitting, and nobody's going to sit.
we're watching the listener laugh.
we're listening to the watcher.
nobody attempts to get out of a whisper,
nobody explains the principles of survival.

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