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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


let's eat long pig and shuffle ecstasies among the shadows. horns of salt hasten from the mouth of the earth. your footsteps are stronger than my own two hands. & my neck is bread for your next wedding.

even caul babies can cry. live a fear for a minute for your odyssey's odd at sea. streaming. anarchism really crawled out of the asshole of fascism. images are hope in desperation. & existential nausea is the nature of this faith. but never trembling. because fear is a choice. & there is a sort of love that is built on fear. & this we fight. to the last tooth. till our breath extinguishes in our chest. till we've caulked the holes they've drilled into our wrists & the crosses they burn to signify their shame.

we are more than human. more than any image you can make. & even the gods of our primitive ancestors quake at our power.

so lets laugh & drink & fight. for the death suckers still own fortune. but now we own fate.

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