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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zombie Psycle

Zombie[1]: No Wonder

No wonder he wanted to die. A figure named FATHER. knows he can never be forgiven. I have ceased to believe in such things like father and forgiveness. I believe in bullets & nature. panic & paranoia. fear & hope. & perfect surface. clear of both.

Zombie[2]: Like a Virus

the earth will give back. what was once inseminated within it. Sheol. will give back. what it once received. Hell will pay back what it owes.

their words become ghosts in the mouths of their children. slaves and echoes of slaves. a demonacracy of compression/repression/depressions. in the sky.

& they come screaming back. & fill the sky like a storm.

Zombie[3]: The Resurrection

the earth will spit back. the seeds of bodies. enveloped in the wormy dirt. Hel will repay this debt. & we will become. the body of Christ. & the eucharist will become our skin. & life itself. will die.

Zombie[4]: Under my

blood against. the pleasure of a thumb. i'll be your ghost. & purge. the figure of a man. who followed a slipknot into the sun.

Zombie[5]: The prison

within a prison. light is attention.
redemption is submission.
& rape and love
are indistinct

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