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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Cries Fire

#1. An Eagle in a Lamb's Eye

a crimson tide
& awaiting the s[laughter]
as the lamb eats
the tiger's eye & prays
the eagle flying
high above
drops from the sky

#2. The Sacrificial God

the lynched god of a child race swings [back&forth][back&forth][back&forth]
cold dead teeth
hover over a throat
claws fondling autonomy
off the axe of an apple

the father slings lightening
from an open fist & his children
coalesce like babylonian whores
around a trade off

#3. Dissolution

terms squander their meaning
on the outstretched arms of the body
they crack apart & disintegrate
for a moment
i am crushed
by noontime moonlight
& an image of blackened grass
infatuated with limelight
& an angel fading
at an obtuse angle

we lick a pointer & dissolve

#4. No Fate

it is the light of the eye
the fountain of life
the skin & the ears
that let us
feel our souls
collect sensations & absorb
the grandeur of any experience
folds our memories

& all that remained
were statues
& mankind passes
into its gods
(escape artists)
with various distempers
pass into men
who pass into dust
as ashes must pass
into ash

#5. One Eye Cries

a certain asymmetry of the soul
causes one eye to tear up
while the other remains dry
& here is what makes us blind
our impact in an other's eyes

i think half of him wanted
the world to die
to watch the white man's

because hatred is organized fear
& a thin red line
is the awful truth
of the soul

#6. DeScission

my body is a moratorium of carvings
try screaming in a vacuum
try forgetting your name
try craving while dining
try remembering to forget

the voices here are all attached to names. the names are all attached to faces. the faces link & kiss themselves to sleep. the frozen sleep of death. or rest of joy. congealed

out of the foreskin of your sons
an endless dusk
settles into the difference
between a blank & a clean

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